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Founded in 2012, Acrel Testing Center has electrical performance testing lab, electromagnetic compatibility testing lab, safety testing lab, climate and environment testing lab, mechanical environment testing lab, IP protection testing lab, HALT/HASS testing lab, and material testing lab.The testing center has established a scientific and standardized quality management system in accordance with CNAS-CL01/ISO 17025 "Criteria for Accreditation of Testing and Calibration Laboratories", and obtained the National CNAS Laboratory Accreditation Certificate in June 2015.

The test center covers an area of more than 500 square meters, with more than 40 sets of domestic and foreign test instruments and equipment. The environmental facilities, instruments and equipment, personnel capacity and testing business match.Can test and verify the function and performance of the company's power sensor, network power instrument, measurement and control protection device, low-voltage complete equipment and other products.The HALT/HASS laboratory can detect the defects in the design and process of new products through the screening of cold and hot shock and vibration tests, so as to improve the reliability and stability of the products in time.

"Electrical Performance Test Laboratory" is mainly responsible for product performance parameter testing, as well as monitoring, alarm, protection, communication, analog, switching input/output and other functional tests;

"EMC Test Laboratory" is mainly responsible for "Electrostatic Discharge Immunity Test", "Electrical Fast Transient Pulse Immunity Test", "Surge (Impact) Immunity Test", "Lightning Protection Test of Communication Power Equipment".Among them, lightning protection test of communication power equipment can provide 15kA lightning strike surge output analog signal;

"Safety Test Laboratory" is mainly responsible for product power frequency voltage resistance, insulation resistance, impulse voltage, flame retardant, hot wire, leakage mark test;

"Climate and Environment Laboratory" is mainly responsible for high temperature, low temperature, constant humidity and heat, alternating humidity and heat, salt spray tests, etc. The stepping environmental test chamber is equipped with a box size of W1500XH2500XD1500mm, which can be used for environmental tests for the distribution cabinet. The temperature range is -40℃ ~ 100℃.

"Mechanical environment laboratory" mainly undertakes vibration test and impact test;

"IP protection laboratory" is mainly responsible for the dustproof and waterproof performance test of products, the test grade is IP65;

"HALT/HASS Laboratory" is mainly responsible for high accelerated life test and high accelerated stress screening of products. It can find product design and process defects in advance, and shorten the test cycle compared with traditional reliability test methods.

"Electronic Products RoHS Compliance Screening Laboratory" is equipped with energy dispersion-type X-ray fluorescence analysis device imported from Japan, which can conduct preliminary screening test for RoHS compliance of lead (Pb), mercury (Hg), cadmium (Cd), chromium (Cr) and bromine (Br) in electronic products.

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