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ACREL DJSF1352-RN DC energy meter’s Application in PV power generation equipment in Saudi Arabia

November 25, 2021

Latest company case about ACREL DJSF1352-RN DC energy meter’s Application in PV power generation equipment in Saudi Arabia

Abstract: This paper introduces the application of Acrel DJSF1352-RN DC energy meter in the DC side of a photovoltaic system in Saudi Arabia. It is mainly used to measure the DC current in the photovoltaic system, and cooperate with current shunts to measure, communicate and control the circuit system.


1.Project Overview

The company is located in Saudi Arabia. The company is mainly engaged in installation, construction and maintenance of small photovoltaic power generation center projects in Bulgaria and surrounding countries. The customer wants to use DC meters and hall sensors or current shunts for monitoring, metering and communication of current and voltage at the DC side of photovoltaic system, and demands that the DC energy meter would be able to measure two channels of DC circuits.


2.DJSF1352-RN/D DC Energy Meters

DJSF1352-RN rail-mounted DC power meter with double DC input channels, designed for telecommunications base stations, DC charging piles, solar photovoltaic and other applications, this series of meters can measure the voltage, current, power and forward and reverse energy and so on in the DC system.The actual use of the site, you can measure the total power, but also measure the energy within a specified period of time. The test results can be used for local display, but also with industrial control equipment, computers to form a measurement and control system.

The meter can have infrared communication interface and RS-485 communication interface, and supports Modbus-RTU protocol and DLT645-97 (07) protocol at the same time.The meter can have relay alarm output and digital input function;You can set the ratio, alarm, and communication through the meter panel keys according to different requirements.The meter can have event recording of switch (Modbus protocol), programming and event setting records (645 protocol), instantaneous and timing freeze function of data (645 protocol), maximum and minimum value recording function of voltage and current power.


3.Type and Function Description

Note:when dual DC input(D)function is selected,if Hall current sensor input is used in

current channel,a power supply module shall be provided to supply power to the second Hall sensor;if D function is not provided,the built-in power supply of elecctric meter can be used.


Technical parameters Index



Nominal value


Voltage input range

Current input

DC 0-1000V

DC 0-1000V

See the physical wiring diagram


Hall sensor:0-20mA、4-20mA、0-5V,0-10V and so on.

Overload 1.2 times rated (continuous); 2 times rated/1 second;
Power consumption Voltage: ≤0.2VA, current ≤0.1VA
Accuracy class Class 1
Function Display 8-bit segment LCD screen (LCD)
Communication Interface RS485(two options)
Communication protocol Modbus-RTU,DL/T 645-2007
Switch Switch output 2 Relay outputs, 2A/30VDC or 2A/250VAC
Switch input 2 dry contact inputs
Pulse output A second pulse output, a energy pulse output
See the SYS->PLUS display in the meter menu settings. For example: The meter displays 100, which is 100imp/kWH
Power Supply Voltage range AC/DC 85-265V or DC24V(±10%) or DC48V(±10%)
Power consumption ≤ 3W
Power frequency withstand voltage

Power supply // Voltage input // Current input // Relay output and switch input // Communication interface / / Pulse output 3kV/1min

Power supply // Relay output // Voltage input // Current input 3kV/1min

Pulse output // Communication interface // Switch input 2kV/1min

Impulse withstand voltage ±6KV
Insulation resistance ≥ 40M Ω
Average barrier-free working hours ≥50000h
Environment Temperature

Normal operating temperature: -25 °C ~ +65 °C; Limit working temperature: -40 °C ~ +70 °C;

Storage temperature: -40℃~+80℃

Humidity ≤93%RH, no condensation, no corrosive gas
Altitude ≤2500m


Pulse constant:



4.Requirements from Customer

4.1 The following are the customer's on-site solar panel parameters:



4.2 Two Channel DC Energy Metering

The customer requires a DC meter with two channels of direct current metering function, so two current shunts are needed to work with the meter.


5.安装图片Installation Picture


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