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Application of Acrel Precision Distribution Monitoring Device for Data Center in Serbia

March 17, 2021

Latest company case about Application of Acrel Precision Distribution Monitoring Device for Data Center in Serbia

Abstract: With the rapid development of data centers, the energy consumption of data centers has become more and more prominent. It is an effective way to improve energy efficiency and reduce energy consumption to provide a complete solution for data center. This article introduces the application of Acrel's precision power distribution monitoring device in a data center in Serbia.


Project Overview

The Serbian customer needs to monitor voltage, current, power and other electrical parameters on DPU in data center, measure a total of 48 branches of A+B feed, and provide current transformers at the same time. Acrel AMC16 series products and split core current transformers fully meet this customer’s requirements.



It is necessary to real-time monitor and centralize power consumption in data center and data can be displayed on HMI, and uploaded to the power and environment monitoring system by RS485 on touch screen and realize real-time monitoring of whole power distribution system. At the same time, it can realize energy efficiency analysis to reduce energy consumption.

● Functions

Incoming line and outgoing line circuits independent monitoring modules;

Can measure up to 2 incoming line circuits and up to 192 outgoing line circuits current, voltage, power, energy and power quality;

Data centralized monitoring and display by HMI and data is uploaded to power and environment monitoring system through RS485;

For high voltage DC 240V or 336V system, insulation monitoring module can be added to monitor ground insulation resistance of main bus;

DC24V power supply for touch screen and outgoing line monitoring module(power supply from main module output );

Communication: monitoring device by RS485, touch screen by RS485 or RJ45.

Certificate: CE

● HMI 




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