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The reasonable use of energy efficiency management platform to avoid the mechanism of increasing price when energy consumption exceeds limit

December 23, 2021

Latest company case about The reasonable use of energy efficiency management platform to avoid the mechanism of increasing price when energy consumption exceeds limit

On October 3, Zhejiang Province issued the " The Implementation Opinions to establish and improve the tiered electricity prices for high energy-consuming industries and punitive electricity price per unit product exceeding the energy consumption limit standard in Zhejiang. (Draft for comments)". The opinion cleared that eight major energy-intensive industries are included in the range of tiered electricity price increases,including textile industry, non-metallic mineral products industry, metal smelting and rolling processing industry,chemical raw materials and chemical products manufacturing, petroleum, coal and other fuel processing, paper and paper products, chemical fiber manufacturing, electricity and heat production and supply industry.Zhejiang uses "data center" as the range of the price increasing of tiered electricity. In addition, the over-limit electricity price grades and implementation standards are cleare


(1)Tiered electricity price. For key energy-using enterprises that exceed the annual benchmark energy consumption, the portion exceeding the benchmark energy consumption is converted into electricity at the equivalent value,and the tiered electricity price is implemented according to the three levels of 0-10% (inclusive), 10%-20% (inclusive), and 20% or more . The tiered electricity price implements an annual "excess and increase". For companies that didn’t rectify or the rectification is not in place during past two years,the price increasing of the tiered electricity will be more than others.

Grading increase standard of tiered electricity price

(2)Punitive electricity price. If the energy consumption per unit product exceeds the energy consumption limit standard, the comprehensive energy consumption of the enterprise is converted into electricity consumption according to the equivalent value. Implement punitive electricity price markups in accordance with the three levels of excess energy consumption standards: 0~5% (inclusive), 5%~10% (inclusive), and more than 10%.And the punitive electricity price implements the system of "exceeding the limit standard for all electricity increase"

Grading increase standard of punitive electricity price

If this opinion is implemented, it will be a matter of life and death for many high-energy-consuming enterprises. Most of the high energy consumption industries listed in the opinion have very low gross profit margins. Based on the analysis of the metal products industry, according to the annual reports of 12 listed companies in the industry, the average of industry total operating income in 2020 was 11.206 billion,and the average of gross profit margin was 18.67 %,and a large part of the cost of these companies is the cost of electricity.If the price increase mechanism is really triggered, many companies may be in the red.

So for the high-energy-consuming enterprises that are included in the price increase range,how to response to high-energy-consumption tiered electricity prices and penalize price increases?At first,we should know that the tiered electricity price is in connection with the total energy consumption of the enterprise, the excess part is subject to the tiered electricity price in proportion to the excess. However, the punitive electricity price is for the product unit consumption exceeding the energy consumption limit standard.So it is necessary to understand the standards of energy consumption and energy consumption quotas. In addition, new energy solutions such as distributed photovoltaics can be configured to reduce the demand on the grid to avoid touching the price increase.Acrel energy management platform can help manufacturers to intuitively understand total energy consumption and product unit consumption, and compare them with quota standards, calculate data center energy efficiency indicators, and avoid price increase penalties.


1 Enterprise energy management and control platform

The Acrel-7000 enterprise energy management and control platform is suitable for high energy consumption production enterprises. It collects various energy data such as electricity, water, gas, heat, coal, new energy (photovoltaic, energy storage), and so on, and calculates the energy consumption of workshops, production lines, and processes, teams and the unit consumption of product, and these can be compared with the standard value of energy consumption limit, allowing managers to grasp energy consumption datas in real time, find up the outdated production capacity, tap energy saving potential, and predict the future production energy consumption of enterprises, and benchmarking industry standards,reduce the company's total energy consumption and product unit consumption, and avoid price increase measures.

2 Energy consumption data monitoring of key energy-using enterprises

Acrel-5010, an online monitoring system for energy consumption of key energy-consuming enterprises, is in accordance with the series of standard requirements in " Notice on Further Promoting the Construction of Online Monitoring System for Energy Consumption of Key Energy Consumption Units " and "NHJC-2018 Online Monitoring System for Energy Consumption of Key Energy Use Units".which can provide solutions for enterprise access systems, complete the collection and upload of energy consumption data of key energy-consuming units, strengthen the analysis and forecast and early warning of the " double-carbon " form of total energy consumption and intensity, and promote the completion of " double-carbon”target.

3 Data center energy efficiency management system

Data center is also an industry with a relatively high energy density. It is reasonable for Zhejiang to use data centers as a stepped price increase category. Not only Zhejiang, but also Beijing and Shanghai have also put forward clear of PUE requirements for the construction and operation of data centers,which makes higher requirements to units of construction and operation and maintenance unit.It requires fine understanding for PUE value of energy efficiency index in data center,

The Acrel-8000 data center energy efficiency management system can help the establish an energy efficiency management system for operation and maintenance units and control the operating condition of data center and the energy consumption data of IT, air-conditioning or other equipments.

4 summary

With the introduction of the double-carbon target, local departments are gradually introducing measures such as carbon peaking implementation plans and dual energy consumption control to ensure that they are gradually advancing toward the target. If high-energy-consuming enterprises can not use energy efficiency systems rationally and don’t pay attention to production energy consumption data,it will be difficult to guarantee regular production, and the profitability of units will also be limited largely.

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