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Shanghai Kangqiao Advanced Manufacturing Technology Pioneer Park Project

December 24, 2021

Latest company case about Shanghai Kangqiao Advanced Manufacturing Technology Pioneer Park Project

Abstract: This remote prepaid energy management system uses a smart remote prepaid meter (DTSY1352-NK three-phase electronic prepaid meter), collects real-time power consumption and remaining power of each user, and remotely opens and closes through the smart remote prepaid meter Control to realize the use of electricity after the sale of electricity. The system structure is a B/S structure, and data collection is transmitted to the background by bus communication, and the charging, monitoring and management of electricity consumption by enterprise users are realized through the AcrelCloud-3200 remote prepaid energy management system.

Keywords: DTSY1352-NK three-phase electronic prepayment meter, B/S, AcrelCloud-3200, bus communication



Shanghai Kangqiao Advanced Manufacturing Technology Pioneer Park is currently an incubation base for Shanghai's advanced manufacturing technology professional entrepreneurship. It is a base for the cultivation of high-tech enterprises with specialized characteristics, the transformation of high-tech achievements, and the training of high-tech talents.

This project has been put into operation.Now because the original power distribution structure is complicated, there is no clear power distribution structure, and some feeder circuits are not equipped with smart power meters, which makes it difficult to read meters and charge fees. In this plan, the original meter will be transformed. The original meter is equipped with a prepaid smart meter. The meter uploads the data to the prepaid cloud platform through the collector, thereby completing the collection and charging management of all meters.


2﹑System solutions

According to customer needs and the actual situation of the project, the prepaid energy management system designed by this project is composed of Acrel DTSY1352 three-phase prepaid electric energy meter, multifunctional smart meter AMC96-E4/C, communication management machine ANet-2E8S1, data server and prepaid platform system software.

AcrelCloud-3200 remote prepaid power management system is designed with a hierarchical distributed structure, that is, the field equipment layer, the network communication layer and the station control management layer


3﹑Main functions and interface of the system

Acrel Cloud-3200 prepaid cloud platform is an electricity sales management system newly developed by Acrel to match the DTSY-1352 three-phase e-book prepaid electric energy meter. It is an integrated system based on prepaid management software and centralized meter reading software, including computers, communication management machines, printers and other settings.

It mainly completes the parameter setting of electric energy meters, the management of electricity sales by merchants and the management of energy consumption. It is easy to operate. It implements remote real-time operation and real-time monitoring of enterprise groups and property companies. It has a good man-machine interface and can effectively count and manage data. Effective security measures have been taken for the security.

3.1Centralized meter reading service system

This system defaults to perform a remote centralized meter reading for all meters in half an hour, and the time interval supports personalized configuration (at least 1 time/minute collection frequency can be supported).

latest company case about Shanghai Kangqiao Advanced Manufacturing Technology Pioneer Park Project  0

B/S cloud platform electricity sales system

This system includes five modules, namely login module, system configuration module, user (shop) management module, electricity sales management module, and report center module. The main functions are as follows:

1) Login management: manage operator accounts and authority assignments, view system logs and other functions;

2) System configuration: configure the building, communication management machine, instrument and default parameters;

3) User management: perform operations such as account opening, account cancellation, remote opening and closing, batch operation and record query for shop users;

4) Electricity sales management: remotely sell electricity, return electricity, reconcile and record inquiries on the accounts that have been opened;

5) Report Center: Provides inquiries about electricity sales, water sales financial statements, energy use statements, alarm statements,and other report forms. All statements and record inquiries in this system support export in excel format.


User Management

User management mainly completes the account opening of merchants, account cancellation, batch operation of electric meters/water meters, account opening/account cancellation records query, and others.

latest company case about Shanghai Kangqiao Advanced Manufacturing Technology Pioneer Park Project  1

User Account Opening

This system not only supports one household with one meter, but also supports the need for multiple meters for one household, and meets the problem of transferring the amount of the old meter when the new meter is switched after the project is renovated;It supports peak and valley electricity prices, and supports one meter for one meter. The power overload threshold can be set for the single meter, and the two-level threshold for the single meter amount alarm can also be set.

latest company case about Shanghai Kangqiao Advanced Manufacturing Technology Pioneer Park Project  2

The batch operation function of the system is displayed in different colors for the status of account opening, alarm 1, alarm 2, arrears, loss of connection, and others; the types of commands for remotely controlling the meter include: electricity price issuance, setting issuance (issued) Alarm amount threshold and overload power threshold), power protection (mandatory meter closing), recovery prepayment (automatic trip mode of arrears), opening (mandatory power off) and meter reading export (export all current meter states to EXCEL files ),as shown below:

latest company case about Shanghai Kangqiao Advanced Manufacturing Technology Pioneer Park Project  3

Energy consumption and report query

After the system performs remote centralized meter reading, it also provides auxiliary energy consumption query reports, which provide a strong basis for energy consumption analysis, energy use comparison, and safe electricity use. This function is used to replace part of the energy consumption analysis and management system. If you need more professional energy analysis and management, it is recommended to additionally configure the Acrel-5000 energy management system.

In addition, this system also provides a variety of reports for inquiries, including daily/monthly/yearly financial sales statistics reports, missing connection tables/communication management machine query reports, real-time alarm/historical alarm query reports, etc., and supports export and printing. As shown below:


Electricity Sales Management

This system provides new electricity sales, charging, and withdrawal, details and classification queries.

latest company case about Shanghai Kangqiao Advanced Manufacturing Technology Pioneer Park Project  4

Report Center

This system provides various reports such as electricity sales, electricity sales, electricity statistics, management and control meters, real-time alarms, historical events, electrical parameters,and others for query, so as to satisfy users to find daily/month/year financial sales electricity, charges, as well as loss of connection meter /communication management machine query report.

latest company case about Shanghai Kangqiao Advanced Manufacturing Technology Pioneer Park Project  5

System Configuration

The system configuration includes platform access basic parameter settings for buildings, gateways, electricity meters, and water meters, and provides management of the roles and permissions of managers to prevent unauthorized access.

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Document printing

When selling electricity, returning electricity, and opening an account, the system supports the function of printing three-part documents. The default document format is as follows (it can be freely customized after confirmation by the customer):

latest company case about Shanghai Kangqiao Advanced Manufacturing Technology Pioneer Park Project  7

Online mobile phone query and self-service power purchase

latest company case about Shanghai Kangqiao Advanced Manufacturing Technology Pioneer Park Project  8


With the development of the economy and the improvement of people's material living standards, in order to meet people's daily shopping and eating needs, a large number of commercial complexes have emerged in various places. The electricity management of various shops and tenants in the commercial complex needs to be solved urgently. While the electricity consumption of commercial complexes continues to increase and the requirements for power supply quality continue to increase, there are also a large number of arrears in electricity bills, which greatly increases the operational risks of the commercial complex management party. The prepaid energy management system uses bus communication, combined with the on-site multi-user meter (ADF400L) and the platform software system (Acrel-3200) to realize the payment before the electricity is used, which can avoid the problem of the shopping mall’s electricity bill advancement, thereby alleviating the financial pressure of commercial real estate operations has effectively strengthened and improved the operation and management methods.


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