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Application of Fire Emergency Evacuation Indication System in Songhu Road-Sanmen Road Project

December 24, 2021

Latest company case about Application of Fire Emergency Evacuation Indication System in Songhu Road-Sanmen Road Project

【Abstract】The A100 fire emergency lighting and evacuation indication system has the characteristics of centralized control, high flexibility and strong reliability. The system uses a 17-inch industrial panel computer and a Windonws7 system, which can support multiple functions such as linkage alarm, system monitoring, fault alarm, self-check, power backup, record storage and query, light guide flow, and authority control. With the A431H series of high-protection marker lights, it is suitable for projects with humid environment, long distance between single lights, and long communication distance, such as pipe corridors and tunnels.

[Keywords]: centralized power supply; centralized control; fire emergency lighting and evacuation indication system; A-C-A100; tunnel


0 . Preface

With the rapid development of economy and technology, people have begun to pursue the humanization and comfort of construction facilities.The emergence of a large number of high-rise buildings, super large buildings, and underground buildings has led to longer and more complicated building passages.

With the improvement of people’s safety awareness,based on the idea of putting people first and putting life safety first,for buildings with densely populated people, long evacuation distances, many evacuation channels, many turns, and complex environments,traditional evacuation instructions cannot maintain and manage the lamps in a timely manner,and may result in a large area of failure in the event of a fire, resulting in casualties.In order to avoid causing group deaths and injuries, a quick and effective safety evacuation system was implemented.In order to avoid mass deaths and injuries, a fast and effective safety evacuation system was implemented, and a centralized control emergency lighting and evacuation indication system came into being,which can accurately realize real-time monitoring and control of emergency lamps and daily management and maintenance 24 hours a day to ensure the system operates normally, and guides people to safe areas safely, accurately and quickly in the event of a fire, reducing casualties.


1. Project Introduction

This project is a tunnel project with a tunnel length of about 1,630 meters. It adopts a double-deck Y-shaped underpass form. There are 3 entrances and exits, located at the intersection of Zhengxue Road Songhu Road,south of the intersection of Songhu Road Minfu Road,west of the intersection of Zhayin Road Minfu Road,the main line is arranged along the direction of Songhu Road-Zhayin Road, with a length of 860 meters;The ramp is arranged along the south of Songhu Road to the north of Songhu Road, with a length of 770 meters.The emergency evacuation signs in this tunnel are required to adopt a fire-fighting intelligent emergency evacuation instruction escape system. When a fire or emergency occurs,the specific fire location can be detected by the smoke detector living in the monitoring system,and transmit the command to the fire host of this system by communication to control the evacuation sign in tunnel to ensure that people escape and evacuate in the correct direction.


2. Introduction of Field Project Application Products

2.1  A100 fire emergency lighting and evacuation indication system


The A100 fire emergency lighting and evacuation indication system is composed of a controller (host), a centralized power supply and lamps (evacuation indicators, emergency lighting) and other parts.

The controller is the system host of the fire emergency lighting and evacuation indication system. The controller monitors each terminal in real time through the bus network, and can report the failure of each device and lamp in real time. When a dangerous situation occurs, the information instruction is automatically issued to each terminal, and the terminal starts to work after receiving the instruction, such as flashing, turning on and off the lights,and instructing a safe evacuation route in real time.

The centralized power supply is a backup centralized emergency power supply device installed in the building. When a fire, accident or other emergency occurs in a building, the emergency power supply can provide emergency power supply for fire-fighting signs and lighting lamps to ensure the normal operation of fire-fighting emergency lighting and evacuation instructions.

Fire emergency lighting provides lighting for evacuation. The installation methods are wall-mounted, ceiling-mounted and recessed-top.

Evacuation emergency sign lamps guide the direction of evacuation and escape. The installation methods are wall-mounted, suspended, and buried.


2.2 A-C-A100 controller

2.2.1 Product pictures and technical parameters

2.3 A-D-0.5KVA-A200FP centralized power supply

2.3.1 Product pictures and technical parameters

2.4 Lamps

When a fire occurs, fire emergency sign lamps provide personnel with directions for emergency evacuation. Left, right and two-way sign lamps are generally used to indicate the direction of evacuation, and non-directional sign lamps are generally used to indicate safety exits, floors and refuge room.The installation way is wall-hanging. This product is widely used in the entrances and exits of public places such as airports, large shopping malls, office buildings, and corners of corridors.

3 Field Application

3.1 System network diagram

3.2 Part of the system diagram on site

There is one A-C-A100 controller, two A-D-A200FP centralized power supplies, and three ACCB data acquisition boxes. The scheme adopted in this project is that the lamp to the centralized power supply usually uses two buses. The central power supply to the piano controller uses CAN to optical fiber and then to CAN. Each centralized power supply side has a separate communication transfer box.

Emergency evacuation indicator lighting system diagram

Layout drawing of emergency lighting in section 3 of the east line and west line of the ramp


Layout and wiring diagram of the lighting on the first floor of the north work well


3.3 System software running interface

          Main interface of system operation                        Lamp configuration interface



Contains toolbar, plane display, layer list, status bar, you can intuitively view the operating status of the monitoring equipment, and directly switch to the event record interface for the specific location of the fault according to the actual content of the status bar.

Can view the status and quantity of all lamps.

Can view historical operation and fault information, and can query by date


3.4 Equipment field application photos


4. Conclusion

With the rapid development of our country’s economy, the advancement of science and technology, the importance of building intelligence and building fire safety has also increased. This article analyzes the application of the A100 fire emergency lighting and evacuation indicator system produced by our company in the tunnel project,and it fully demonstrates the advantages such as simple, flexible, stable, low cost in the networking of tunnel construction.The fire emergency evacuation system can solve the problems like no centralized control,fixed indication direction, unchangeable evacuation line, unsatisfactory indication effect, low safety performance in traditional fire emergency evacuation indication system

Acrel Electric strives to create various fire security system products. On the premise of meeting the requirements of national industry standards, it provides intelligent, high-efficiency, energy-saving, and inexpensive fire-fighting solutions and fire-fighting products for all types of buildings, so as to do our part for fire prevention, disaster reduction, and protection of people's lives and property!



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