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ACREL current meter and frequency meter Application in Iceland wooden factory

December 13, 2021

Latest company case about ACREL current meter and frequency meter Application in Iceland wooden factory

Abstract: The intelligence, refinement and visualization of the distribution system are the trend of distribution management. The smart power meter is designed and installed for the power distribution circuit , in order to real time monitor the working state of each load circuit by setting the parameters of the smart meter. It can improve the safety of energy usage, improve the efficiency of equipment maintenance, reduce labor cost of maintenance, and realize the unattended monitoring of distribution system. Through data collection, real-time monitoring of electrical parameters, analysis of the power quality and distribution system running status, it will save users’ power maintenance costs. This article gives a brief introduction of Acrel PZ ammeter and frequency meter used in Iceland Tandraberg ehf company's motor monitoring project.


1.Project Overview

Tandraberg ehf company, located in Eskifjörður, is one of the largest manufacturers of refrigerated pallets in Iceland, Its main production electricity is motor load, which is used for process cutting. Since the original motor control cabinet doesn’t install with power measuring instrument, and the working condition of Variable-frequency Drive and moter are unknow. Therefore, they purchased Acrel PZ series three-phase ammeter for motor current monitoring and frequency meter for monitoring frequency change.


2.PZ Series Programmable Intelligent Electric Meters

PZ series of meters adopt AC sampling technology,which can separately measure the current, voltage, power, power factor and electric energy parameters in the grid .It can set the electrical parameter through the panel button.This meter has RS-485 communication interface,adopt Modbus protocol;also can convert the power signal into a standard DC analog signal.The meter also has switch input/output,relay/alarm output,etc.


3.Model description

Technical features



4.Installation picture




PZ series power meter have high price performance, which can replace power transmitter and other measuring instrument. As an advanced intelligent and digital acquisition device, the power meter has been widely used in various control systems, SCADA systems and energy management systems.



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